Application Purpose and Goals

Pausit is an application focused on improving users' health and well-being during work hours. By offering regular break exercises and ergonomic advice, the platform aims to prevent work-related injuries and promote a healthy work environment.

Features and User Experience

Targeting Companies and Organizations

Organization and License Management: Pausit also targets companies and organizations. It is possible to create organizations and purchase licenses for members. These licenses provide access to various training modules within the application.

Technical Architecture

Pausit Coach Authentication Integration

Pausit Coach uses Firebase Authentication with an integration to Microsoft identity platform with a multi-tenant application for Microsoft login. All users with a work or school, or personal Microsoft account can login using the Microsoft login. This includes Office 365 subscribers. The Pausit Coach Microsoft Auth application is enabled for OAuth2.0 extended with OpenID Connect. ID Tokens are enabled.
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About EntraID: Azure Active Directory has been renamed to Microsoft Entra ID.
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